Audi4u offers vehicle servicing solutions for literally all makes and models. Whichever type of service your vehicle requires we can save you money each year as opposed to using an expensive main dealer servicing facility.

We use the same cutting edge technology your main dealer uses but without the expensive bill at the end. Our highly trained team of servicing technicians ensure that every vehicle we service is up to the high standards you would expect and have decades of combined experience servicing cars from all manufacturers.

It is important to keep your car regularly serviced as not only will it save you lots of money and time in the long run but it will also help keep the resale value of your vehicle. Often, when one part isn’t properly maintained on a vehicle it can cause damage and more wear and tear to other parts so missing your service intervals is a really bad idea.

We offer a variety of servicing packages from an interim service (usually bi-annually) to a full service which is recommended once a year. A bi-annual service usually consists of changing parts like the oil filter for example and making sure your vehicle is still running smoothly from its last annual service. A full service is more comprehensive and consumable parts of the engine like spark plugs, for example, will be replaced. Keeping your vehicle serviced at regular intervals will help save you many unforeseen repair bills when diagnosed and corrected early on.